Helping the Holy Spirit to Help Us

We all want more of God in our lives, so how do we get more of Him?

Psalm 78:40-42 in the KJV says,
“How oft did they provoke Him in the wilderness, and grieve Him in the desert! Yea, ….they limited the Holy One of Israel.”
It is more than possible to limit God’s action in our lives. […]

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We don’t, be He can.

So how do we change our identity from a merely conscientious servant to “successful son or daughter”?

The short answer is; we don’t, but He can. Listen to full sermon here.

Many times I have reminded you that sin is not the bad things that we do but the deep desire within all of us to […]

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Why I do what I do.

The following is a testimony from someone that read my book and spent some time with Shell and I.

When I first met this woman several weeks ago, she described herself as a “black and white” person who wanted to go beyond that mode of thinking. She was hoping the book would help. She had hard hitting […]

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What is the “Dark Night of the Soul”?

Someone sent me an article from Richard Rohr about the Dark Night of the Soul. I am including the full article and then my comments below.
There comes to many seekers, at some time or a few times in their lives, a “dark night,” a period of seeming distance from God, from the ways in which […]

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A question you don’t often hear in church?

What are the words that come to mind when you hear the word “Naked?” When I ask this question when I am teaching, I get the following word answers: “shame”, “ugly”, “sin”, “vulnerable”, “exposed”, “embarrassed”.  Most of these are negative – fear shame, etc.
Have you ever noticed how you can read a verse and skip […]

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“Da wife” comments on the book

Here is a post from “da wife”:

As the authors wife I did not know if it would be legitimate for me to post a comment, so I have hesitated for awhile. I also realized that Mark’s message has affected me so deeply it’s hard to put into words. But words are way to share and spread […]

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Leave me a comment right here

This morning a lady called that I have never met to tell me she was reading my book and wants her son to read it. We went on to have a long and very enjoyable conversation about our faith.

Sometimes the best insights come about just because we begin discussing something that matters to us.

I would […]

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It’s here – official book release

Since my wife’s perseverance led to the writing of my book, ‘Is God Religious?” and since it is her birthday, the book will be officially released this Sunday.

We started a pre-release book discussion group a few weeks ago. It has been wonderful to see people reading it. I have some friends at the gym who are […]

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Ask me a question.

When I thought about what I wanted in a blog it was clear to me I wanted to engage in thoughtful dialogue around interesting questions and issues. I also wanted a place to answer peoples questions about their relationship with God and the Bible. Others thought these sorts of dialogues and Q and A would be of […]

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Discussion group kick off a success!

17 of us enjoyed the wonderful A/C on one of the hottest days of the year in Room 254 at RB Community Presbyterian Church last Tuesday night. I asked what people wanted to get out of the discussion group and got some great gut honest answers. A few people responded that they see their black […]

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Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

Have you ever noticed how you can read a verse and skip over it without paying much attention and then one day you take another look and a light comes on – connections are made and the Lord is teaching you something? Catch this verse – it contains within it one of the most important […]

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Catch me on YouTube

I used an old Hollywood trick in the intro of this video clip – enjoy!
Pre-release book discussion starting Sept 16th at 7 pm. Official book release on our website October 4th.

[gview file=”” save=”1″]


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What about eternal security?

As to Eternal Security. I am not sure. There are proof texts on both sides.

These days I am tending toward the belief that we can lose our salvation. I believe that God honors our freedom beyond all else .

When Paul lists those things […]

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Do we need to ask God to forgive us anymore of our sins?

Absolutely. I think the value of my book is it’s emphasis on seeing our faith as fundamentally a relationship rather than a religion. When I look at the issue of forgiveness and repentance, I think in terms of the effect my behavior is having on my relationship with someone I love.

In regard to God, I […]

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Does the Holy Spirit convict Christians of Sin?

Yes, regularly.

And to answer “Does God see our sin?”

Yes, for the purposes of sanctification, not for the purpose of judgement.


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Dialogue about my book

Hi Bob

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my book. I think you have some great questions so please put them in the comment box so we can get some more thoughts on these points.

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What do I tell my friend who is angry at the church?

The answer depends on what they are angry about.

For many years I was very angry with the church I grew up in. My anger was such that it was keeping me from God. I actually hated Christians. My issue was hypocrisy. My mistake was confusing God with His people. People are almost perfect hypocrites. We […]

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Why I wrote the book.

I grew up under religion. It almost ended any chance of finding God. Religion is a treadmill of performance with ever increasing speed and inclination. My journey toward God was one of stepping off of the treadmill – no easy task. When I finally discovered that God wanted a relationship with me more than simply […]

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It’s Official – book to be released on my wife’s birthday

​It’s official. The book is being printed and will be released on Shell’s birthday October 4th. If you would like to be a part of a pre-release discussion group of the book taking place in Rancho Bernardo starting September 16th, leave a comment at the bottom of this post to register. Advance copies of the book will be […]

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Hear what people are saying who have previewed my new book.


The pre-release reviews I have received are far more positive than anything I expected or hoped for. Isn’t God good? The review I value most is one in which the writer said she felt the presence of God as she read the book. What more can I ask or hope […]

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