We are on a mission to help people discover the wonder and joy of living their faith as a relationship with their God, first and foremost.

Many of us nod our heads and say,

“Yes, relationship not religion”

But do we really know what that means?

It is possible to be on a first-name basis with the Creator of the Universe. Many of the Christians I know have more than enough knowledge about God to reach the conclusion that they “know” Him. The problem is that knowledge about God does not equal knowledge of God.

For many of us, our experience of God lags far behind our knowledge about God. This results in a merely theoretical understanding of our faith. Our desire is to see people move from a largely intellectual understanding of God to a life filled with the experience of a genuine relationship with God. Anything less just doesn’t measure up to the God-placed longings of our hearts. Anything less just doesn’t satisfy.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and have a conversation. Leave a comment or contact us through the form below.

God wants to reveal Himself to us together.

Be sure to check out the Reluctantly Supernatural podcast here. Great interviews and discussions.

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