Connecting: Why Bother?

Relationships are hard. People are difficult.

This is what my bank teller told me when I suggested that the meaning of life is found in relationships. She said that people had hurt her and disappointed her and so from now on she would restrict herself to her husband and kids.

Many people feel this way […]

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Receiving More

So how do we receive from God? How do we expand the boundaries of our influence and spiritual authority?

Last week, Dennis McNally taught us that we do not receive because we earned it. All we receive from God comes because of His grace, not our good works. It is always a pure gift. But, […]

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How do You Feel about Getting Carried Away?

Most Western Christians have an aversion to the supernatural power of God. Much of the time when God touches us through His Holy Spirit, it impacts us emotionally. This should not be a surprise to us because we received our emotional nature from Him. We are made in His image and He is an emotional […]

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What is our Identity Part 2

For what was glorious has no glory now
in comparison with the surpassing glory.

And if what was fading away came with
glory, how much greater is the glory of that
which lasts!  Therefore, since we
have such a hope, we are very bold. We are not like Moses, […]

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Watch Mark’s Video on Identity

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What is Our Identity?

Sin is not the bad things that we do but the deep desire within all of us to be independent from God – to be our own bosses. Man started out as children of God in the Garden of Eden . Through stepping away from God as Lord and Father man became […]

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How to Hear God Video

Mark gives a great sermon on How to Hear God.

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How Can I Hear God?

Hello. This is Mark’s wife Shell with an introduction to this teaching.

I have often told Mark he needs to tell people the reason he hears from God so quickly. He takes an hour each day sitting in stillness and silence with God. Sometimes he won’t hear or sense anything for days, but he still shows […]

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Waiting Well – part 2

We need the perseverance of Jesus to endure the delay.

I think most of us know this by virtue of our experience with doubt. The question is; what can we do about it? How can we survive the delay? How can we wait well?

Delay always brings difficult questions and a terrible temptation. The questions it […]

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How to Wait Well – part 1

Is there a biblical pattern to promises and their fulfillment in the life of a Christian?

Abraham is given a promise of fathering a great nation. More than 50 years pass before he has a child. He is 100 before the promise is fulfilled.

As a young man Joseph has a dream from God of […]

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What if I don’t sense God?

Naomi sent me in a good question,

“You give allot of examples of how God talks to you when you are praying. What if I don’t sense Him?  It is hard to have a relationship with someone you can sense or hear.”

Hi Naomi,

When I say that God talks to me I do not mean that I hear […]

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What is the secret?

Zechariah Chapter 4:6 – “not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty”
As far as I am concerned, this is the central message we need to “live” in order to survive in ministry. Not understanding the balance between our effort and His is what brings about most of our frustrations […]

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What do you see?

Many of us have seen the ink drawing which, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than wandering lines on a page. We are told it is a drawing of an ugly old hag. Soon we see the ugly old hag and we can’t believe we didn’t see her immediately.  At this point, we […]

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Spiritual son describes Mark

Mark and Me

At 21 years old I had dropped out of school, was coming off heavy drug use, living at home, and flat out lazy. Rightfully, my parents asked me to move out, leading to feelings of abandonment and disapproval. I was lost. Combined with a naturally pessimistic, change adverse, and self-doubting nature a slide […]

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Enlarge my Territory

​​The following post is a collection of excerpts from Mark’s sermon. Listen to the podcast for the full sermon.

The Bible says that Jabez was an honorable man and from this we can deduce that his prayer for blessing and an enlarged territory was not a selfish prayer. He was asking for blessing in order to […]

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If Christians are supposed to look like Jesus will they all look the same?

The kingdom of God starts with a spiritual reality. Whether you believe in Him or not, He is present around you. He is in this world waiting for you to interact with Him, here and now. When you enter into the kingdom of God a spiritual change happens and you begin to comprehend things that were […]

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Up Close and Personal With God

We are told that we need to “know” God but rarely are we told HOW to know God. We are told that God wants an intimate relationship of love with us but we are not told what our part is or how to do it.

Join Mark on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm; Jan 22, Feb […]

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Let’s start at the beginning

Here are some thoughts from Chapter 6:

It hurts to see Him reduced to the level of employer or boss. Not only that, it just doesn’t work. If we have to compete selling just another religion, then we are going to lose.
As religions go,

Mormonism is much more attractive, if you like legalism and predictability.
Islam […]

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New Book – Reluctantly Supernatural – coming soon

Science has failed to answer our deepest questions concerning the purpose and significance of human life. As a result, our culture is turning to the supernatural realm for the answers.

The Bible is literally filled with the supernatural power of God intervening into human affairs. Not only does God act supernaturally into the lives of His […]

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Life in the Spirit

We speak often of “life in the Holy Spirit” but often it means different things to different people usually depending upon our differing theology about the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is unfortunate because life in the Spirit is a much deeper reality than simply whether or not you believe in the supernatural […]

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