Here is a post from “da wife”:

As the authors wife I did not know if it would be legitimate for me to post a comment, so I have hesitated for awhile. I also realized that Mark’s message has affected me so deeply it’s hard to put into words. But words are way to share and spread the message so here goes.

When I started to attend Mark’s church in Canada in 1989 I was a person who was desperately trying to live a life of faithfulness to God. I was studying the Bible trying to learn as much as I could to live a pure life and working hard to help other people. I was worn out and weary from self effort. I had firm belief in God and had experienced His love, but had no idea how to incorporate that love into my life.

The content of Mark’s sermons combined with the light-hearted and sincere delivery was unlike anything I had ever heard. It sounded too good to be true, so I just kept trying hard to “do” everything to please God. I started working in children’s ministry and playing in the worship band right away just to be with the people of this church. They were different. They were relaxed, fun and very much in love with God.

As time went on I saw how Mark’s message was his life, and his life was his message. I saw how the people who were with him for any length of time were accepting of others and accepting of themselves. The later may seem  silly to mention, but to a performance driven perfectionist, acceptance of myself was the hardest nut to crack. But over time, Mark and his church accepted my awkward striving and took the time to call out acceptance for myself from me.

I believe many of us in the church today have been presented with a view of God that is too small. People get their understanding of God by how they see us live.

Mark’s book presents a logical and careful analysis of God revealing Himself in the Bible through relationships and history. He shows us an immense God of love and power who wants to have a relationship with us. Mark does it with such humor and transparency of his own journey that it can’t help but bless people’s socks off. I for one am blessed and deeply thankful that the message that transformed my life is in print for all to enjoy.

Shell Cowper-Smith


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