How do You Feel about Getting Carried Away?

Most Western Christians have an aversion to the supernatural power of God. Much of the time when God touches us through His Holy Spirit, it impacts us emotionally. This should not be a surprise to us because we received our emotional nature from Him. We are made in His image and He is an emotional […]

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How to Hear God Video

Mark gives a great sermon on How to Hear God.

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Waiting Well – part 2

We need the perseverance of Jesus to endure the delay.

I think most of us know this by virtue of our experience with doubt. The question is; what can we do about it? How can we survive the delay? How can we wait well?

Delay always brings difficult questions and a terrible temptation. The questions it […]

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Do you want to get up close to God?

Up close and Personal,  A practical guide to an intimate relationship with God. We are told that we need to “know” God but rarely are we told HOW to know God. We are told that God wants an intimate relationship of love with us but we are not told what our part is or how […]

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Healing during a meditation – how cool is that?

At the last evening of our book discussion group, I led a Scripture meditation of the paralytic being lowered down through the roof to Jesus. Scripture meditation is patiently thinking about the Scripture passage in light of God’s Holy Spirit. Our part is  slowing down and listening.

Richard Foster (author of many books including Celebration of […]

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