Enlarge my Territory

​​The following post is a collection of excerpts from Mark's sermon. Listen to the podcast for the full sermon. The Bible says that Jabez was an honorable man and from this we can deduce that his prayer for blessing and an enlarged territory was not a selfish prayer. He was asking for blessing in order [...]

Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

Have you ever noticed how you can read a verse and skip over it without paying much attention and then one day you take another look and a light comes on - connections are made and the Lord is teaching you something? Catch this verse – it contains within it one of the most important [...]

If repentance is so good, why did it get such a bad rap?

Repentance is spiritual breathing. We "breath" out what is an attempt by the enemy of our soul to sow shame into our lives and we breath in the affect of Jesus work on the cross [forgiveness, love and acceptance]. Shame is one of the main reasons why repentance has a bad reputation. Legalistic Christianity [which [...]

Book of Philippians

The book of Philippians is a letter to a church. To understand the letter we have to understand the church. Churches are just like people; they have a genetic code which they received from their parents. They are formed as well, through the experience of their early formative years.  The church of Philippi is the [...]

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