Do you ever doubt your influence? I am talking about your good influence. I never doubt my bad influence. I think all of us wonder from time to time just how much good we are actually doing for God. Last Tuesday I was asking myself that question. It always seems to me that I could have accomplished more for God. You know what I am talking about; I could have taken more risks, prayed more, studied more, witnessed more. You know, “did more and tried harder.” Sometimes it is true but much of the time it is just the enemy of our peace sowing seeds of anxiety.

Two days later I received the following email. I withhold the writer’s identity because he is serving in a potentially dangerous area. How wonderful of God to prompt this young man to write me when he did. How thoughtful of God to answer my self-doubt in such an unexpected way. What a wonderful counterpoint to the enemy’s accusations.

Hi Mark

A lot of time has past since you gave a conference at the small Anglican church in Morinville, Alberta. If I remember correctly, it was in the early 90s. I was only a kid then, but I remember your messages vividly and the impact that conference had on my young life. It was there that I truly gave my life to Jesus. I also remember a fellow by the name of Paul who was the drummer in your worship band. He and I connected throughout that time because I was an aspiring drummer at that time as well. He prayed for me and my future and I know that those prayers have impacted my life. I just wanted to say thank you for obeying God’s call on your life. I am now a missionary in Africa. I have the opportunity now to produce programs that are speaking God’s love and grace to the continent of Africa and the world. To quote you “I’m not going to retire, because I’m doing what I was made to do, and that’s fulfilling; so I’m not going to stop.” It has been a pleasure to rediscover you as of late, and your ministry. The Lord bless you for your dedication and service.

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