Listening prayer is listening with the intent of hearing God’s message to us, for whatever He wants to say. It is not about getting our prayers answered. It is not about our needs or desires. It is focused on intimacy with God who is our loving Father. It does not seek information, wisdom or answers. It is content with the simplest comment. It is even content with the silence that comes in the presence of one who feels no need to speak.  It is content just knowing the beloved is present. Listening prayer is born in stillness and deepened through waiting. Listening prayer is at  the heart of all power ministry. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. The more clearly we can discern God’s voice, the more we will do His will. When we become aware of His guidance, moment by moment, we will experience Him acting through our lives on a daily basis. When we have learned to listen such that we become aware of His presence without the need to “hear Him” we will truly experience His promise, “Lo, I am with you always”.


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