I like cars. I love those TV shows that show some beat up, rusty wreck being rescued from a junk yard. The show takes the viewer through the process of restoration. We see the rust being cut out, the whole car being sand blasted to remove corrosion, and bent parts being straightened, etc.

The goal is to “restore” the car, that is to say, to return the car to exactly what is was designed to be. Had the car been put away in a temperature and humidity controlled garage and never driven there would never be a need for a restoration. The fact is, almost all cars are bought to be driven and driving damages cars. Not just the normal wear and tear that comes with normal use, but also the mistakes made by the car’s driver as well as the mistakes made by other drivers. The longer the car is driven, the more the damage and the greater the need for a restoration.

People are just like cars. Life has a way of damaging us to where we are no longer recognizable as we were originally designed to be. The damage comes from the life mistakes [driving mistakes] we make, as well as the damage caused by the mistakes of others. We call these mistakes “sins”.

Our Father God is in the restoration business. His goal is to return us to the beautiful and perfect person He originally designed us to be. It is critical to keep in mind that His goal is not to change us into another kind of person. He has no “perfect human” in mind. He is not trying to end up with one model person copied billions of times. He is into diversity, hence DNA. I find it very comforting to realize that as He “transforms” me, the transformation results in me becoming more ¬†myself. What an amazing concept!

Every day spent in His company results in me becoming a little more myself. So much for the bad PR going around that says once He gets ahold of you He is going to turn you into a clone of Mother Teresa or some boring goody two shoes.

The fact is, you are truly better off in His hands than your own because He is a master restorer and He loves His “cars”.

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