cover4​It’s official. The book is being printed and will be released on Shell’s birthday October 4th. If you would like to be a part of a pre-release discussion group of the book taking place in Rancho Bernardo starting September 16th, leave a comment at the bottom of this post to register. Advance copies of the book will be available at the first session.

What if your faith was never meant to be a religion?

Could religion be standing in the way of your relationship with God?

Does your faith seem like more work than joy?

What if holiness isn’t as hard as it sounds?

What would it be like to be truly free?

Can you have God without religion?

If so, what does it look like?

If these questions reveal a lingering dissatisfaction with your faith, then ​my  book is for you. What if you cant have a relationship with God by treating it as a religion?

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