Wisdom is thought by most people to be the right answer when faced with a difficult decision. We turn to the wise person for the answer. The wise person gives us an answer that may be the correct decision for us, and so we go away having received “wisdom”. The problem with this solution is that we are essentially unchanged by their wisdom. We have our decision “made” for us and therein lies the problem. We have the answer we want, but we are no better at problem solving than we were before we asked for wisdom.

Wisdom is more than the best answer. Wisdom, at it’s best, is learning how to ask the right questions of yourself.

Wisdom is about peeling the layers of the onion of your desires, dreams, capabilities, personality and fears.

Wisdom has as much to do with understanding your self as it does with just making the right decision. Real wisdom, when imparted, leaves the person better able to analyse and understand their motives [and God’s] for their life.

Wisdom takes the time to ask questions which allow the person to grow and ultimately arrive at their own answer.

Wisdom teaches us how to ask our own questions.

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