What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is thought by most people to be the right answer when faced with a difficult decision. We turn to the wise person for the answer. The wise person gives us an answer that may be the correct decision for us, and so we go away having received “wisdom”. The problem with this solution is […]

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If God doesn’t want people sick- why shouldn’t we all just go to hospitals and heal everyone?

The timing of a healing is often as strategic to God’s plan as the healing itself. As I see it, our job is to pray and God’s job is to heal. The spiritual gifts of healing and miracles are not a credit card God gives us on one occasion and then says go out and […]

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Book of Philippians

The book of Philippians is a letter to a church. To understand the letter we have to understand the church. Churches are just like people; they have a genetic code which they received from their parents. They are formed as well, through the experience of their early formative years.  The church of Philippi is the […]

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What can I do if I don’t feel I am communicating with God directly?

Dear Mark, I wanted to contact you and thank you for your help and prayers.

I have continued praying. However I am having a hard time at it. I feel that while praying I am talking to myself. I do not feel like I am communicating with God directly.

Mark, if you can think of any recommendations […]

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Life of Jesus – Geneologies

Two writers start their stories of Jesus’ life by giving his life line, who fathered who way back to the start. This is not unusual in biographies. What is unusual is that these two writers do not tell the same story. Their records are not the same. Matthew’s list starts at Abraham and Luke’s starts […]

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Life of Jesus Intro – Part 1a

Today we begin a series of sermons which I have been waiting to do for two years. For some time we have been telling you that our goal is to raise up Christians who are apprentices of Jesus. That being like him in character and words and deeds is what the Christian life is all […]

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