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Mark Cowper-Smith was a lawyer in Calgary, Alberta Canada for many years. At the age of 28 he argued in the Supreme Court of Canada. Despite professional success, he found his life to be devoid of purpose. He began a search for God. As a result of a radical conversion to Christ he began to teach the Bible wherever and whenever he was asked. In 1988 a group of people requested Mark to plant a church. The church experienced very rapid growth as well as severe trials, none of which God wasted in the development of Mark’s character. His teaching and mentoring are full of wisdom, which he refers to learning the hard way.

Mark and his wife Shelley have traveled and ministered at churches in England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Russia, New  Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A  They have a heart to see  all of the church powerfully filled with the love of the Father and released to minister that love in power.

What People Are Saying About Mark Cowper-Smith

Mark’s message of grace affected me over the years: Mark’s teachings on grace are deep, scriptural, and ferociously challenging to the religious mind, but what has affected me more than his teachings is his life. It is evident that Mark has had a profound personal encounter with the grace of God which emanates through everything he says and does.
Mark was the confidant God used at one of the most critical junctures in my life when I was allowing my passion for ministry to override my passion for Jesus. Thank you, Mark. Regarding my church, well, being Mark is on our pastoral team, there has been no escaping the religious being offended and the bound being liberated. Thus is the nature of grace.” John Ettore, Senior Pastor of Gathering Place Church in San Diego, CA

Mark helped me to get to know Jesus personally, rather than just knowing “about” Him. I was stuck in religious learning, rather than seeking a personal relationship with Him-and I didn’t even realize it. Now I can listen for the Lord to speak, and I take what I hear and help others. There is a lot more love and peace in a life walking daily with the Lord! Thanks Mark.” Les Meredith, Lawyer friend in San Diego, CA

Mark’s firm (if not fierce) pursuit of integrity in a relationship with God has touched my life deeply! His understanding, teaching and example of God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace are a cornerstone of my faith in Jesus and the equipping of my life” Joy Kockerbeck, friend and former member of church in Canada

“Here are my thoughts on how Mark has affected me and the people who have been influenced by him:
Teaching – I’ve sat under Marks teaching since becoming a Christian 35 years ago. I sincerely believe it is a Holy Spirit inspired gift. It’s not just his well structured and entertaining delivery – the fresh revelation and depth is often astounding and invariably moving. Thought provoking is an understatement. And under the blessing of the Holy Spirit those revaluations get passed on to his audience. Mark gives what he gets.

Example – Mark is constant in his relationship with God. He is steadfast in his belief that God is good and full of grace and mercy. His personal life demonstrates that. Every challenge is met with reliance on Gods grace and an encouragement to do the same.

Friendship – When these things come together (teaching and example) people have a real opportunity to actually learn the truth about our relationship with God. We are His children and His friends. Life altering concepts that Mark is a true minister of. People get it and that’s the real blessing of his ministry.
Conrad Kockerbeck, friend and former member of church in Canada

There are so many things I could say about Mark and his ministry so I will try to nail it down to a few words.

1) I owe much gratitude to my friend Mark and for making the message of grace so visible and accessible to all believers. I know, I have been impacted by it for close to 20 years now. I am sure the message in this book will radically feed and transform you as you pursue a freer walk with Jesus!

2) Our local church, Fuente de Vida (Guadalajara, Mexico) has been greatly helped by Mark’s friendship, teaching and ministry over the last 15 years. His skilled and practical teaching of the Word of God and the freshness with which the Holy Spirit uses him have made us glad recipients of much truth and renewal.”
Oscar Suarez, Senior Pastor Fuente de Vida, Guadalajara, MX

Mark writes: It is my joy to get to know people and be helpful to the local church. I am happy to visit or have phone consultations. I enjoy answering questions so please leave a comment.

Kingdom Living:                  

  • Relationship Not Religion – Life under Grace
  • Abiding Prayer – Instruction in Intimacy with God
  • The Life of Jesus – To Know Him is to Love Him
  • Freedom from Lies – Emotional Healing
  • God-Given Sexuality
  • Marriage as God Made It
  • The Balance between Freedom and Structure
  • The Problem is Pride
  • The Power of Unity
  • Making Disciples – A Discipleship Model
  • Coaching Worship Leaders – The Practical Side of Leading a Band

Spiritual Gifts:

  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Life in the Holy Spirit – Moving in the Supernatural Gifts
  • Learning to Pray for the Sick – Physical Healing
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Speaking His Words – Prophecy
  • Intercession

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