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Mark teaching Mark is the associate pastor and worship leader of the Gathering Place Church and his wife Shell leads the Missions and Women’s teams.  Together they lead the Connect Group ministry which trains leaders and oversees the weekly groups.  See gatheringplacechurch.org So all this tells what their official roles are – but it all boils down to relationships – walks, lunches, phone calls, emails, counseling, prayer, laughter, crying and very much seeking God with our whole hearts.  We work with a great leadership team with our fearless leader John Ettore.  Shell also gets to teach in the community at shelters and school settings to parents through Jewish Family Service.  It is a great privilege and she shares what she learned during her years having 24 foster kids.  We both get to travel to other churches to teach and lead retreats and conferences.  Abiding and abounding in Jesus is where it is at.  We have absolutely wonderful friends and we also thank God for the wonderful dogs we have had.  Our first born Emmet is no longer alive – but Pete our dog dressed in his natural black and white tuxedo suit is still alive and keeping us laughing.

More bio on Mark

Mark Cowper-Smith was a lawyer in Calgary, Alberta Canada for 13 years. As a result of a radical conversion to Christ he began to teach and lead worship at camps and Bible studies and was asked by a group of people to plant a church in 1988. The church experienced very rapid growth as well as severe trials.  Mark was the Senior Pastor of Grace Vineyard Fellowship for 12 years before moving to San Diego, CA.  Mark and his wife Shelley have traveled and ministered at churches in England, Europe, Russia, New  Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A  They have a heart to see  all of the church powerfully filled with the love of the Father and released to minister that love in power.

2 Thoughts on “About the Cowps

  1. Don Misener on January 30, 2014 at 7:55 am said:

    Good Morning Mark,

    It has been years, how are you? I hope and pray this email finds you well. Tell you a funny story, I was digging around in my garage a couple of weeks ago when I came across a couple old ( over 20 years ago old) Cd’s from our Grace Vineyard Days. Great workship from Langly and Brian Doerksen. I have been playing them in my car on my way to work, brings back a lot of great memories and blessing my friend.

    Your looking good, I hope and pray all is well, let me know what’s new with you, how you been? How ois Shelley doing? Please say hello for me.

    God bless you,


  2. Hi Don,

    Good to hear from you. We are well. Shell copes with pain on a regular basis but she has learned to live above it. I am writing a book which will be finished soon. Probably publish it by email, I don’t know yet. God has been incredibly kind to us. What else can I say?

    How are you?

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